Connie Chun

Connie Chun (née  Arakaki) shares memories of growing up in Camp 17, and being part of a community where everyone watched out for each other.  She talks about being a "small fish in a big ocean" when going away to college.  

We Played in Mud

Photo credit: Dee and Gavin Keliikuli-Kaimana, via Kohala Kakou Facebook Page

You Grow Up in Everybody Else's Homes

Photo credit: Kohala Sugar Company Annual Report

Learning to Drive

Photo credit: Dennis Matsuda

Family Was Central

Photo credit: Connie Chun

Kohala and Change

Photo credit: Sarah Pule-Fujii, via Kohala Kakou Facebook Page

Why Oral History is Important

Photo credit: Connie Chun

Advice for the Next Generation

Photo credit: Connie Chun

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Credits and video information

Recording date: 7/2/22
Location: Kohala Reunion, Kamahemeha Park, Kapa'au, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Video editor: Mark Mazin