Violet Oliver

Violet Oliver (née Hussey) shares her family history, including her great grandfather Alexander Hussey, who came from Nantucket and built some historical buildings in Kohala, including the Kalahikiola Church and the altar at St. Augustine’s Church. She shares the migration story of her family and her father’s involvement with building and managing the Kohala Ditch. Violet recounts memories of her childhood living and playing in Wiaiapuka. She also talks about life after plantation closure and gives advice to make the most out of every day and treat everyone and everything well.

Additional photos

Gail "Rocky" Rock returned from Vietnam and decided to hike the valleys. He made it to Awini. 1974

William and Antone Kanui Moiha loading a floating platform with timbers by the Main Weir off flume #5 

Setting up for repairs on flume #6.

Harumi Henna Hussey with Dudie about 1975 at Ewa Beach on Oahu for a Henna/ Kanashiro family reunion.

Rocky met William "Dudie" Hussey as he prepared for a job assignment cleaning the trails and water access for the Kohala Ditch Company who provided the irrigation for the Kohala Sugar Company.  

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Recording date: 7/2/22
Location: Kamahemeha Park, Kohala Reunion 2022, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Editor: Misia Palad