John and Hope Keawe

John and Hope Keawe talk about growing up in Kohala and how they met and fell in love. John, a Grammy Award winning slack key guitarist, talks about how he started his music career and how both he and Hope get inspiration from their surroundings. They share their memories of plantation life and recount how Kohala changed when the plantation closed. In the end, Kohala as a community survived because of the value of helping each other. They close with advice for the next generation of taking the time to listen to nature and remembering to take care of each other.

Introduction and Growing Up In Kohala

Photo credit: Kohala Yearbook

Kolohe Time

Photo courtesy of Dennis Matsuda

The First Meeting

Photo credit: Kohala Yearbook

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Credits and video information

Recording date: 7/3/22
Location: Kohala Reunion, Kamahemeha Park, Kapa'au, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Video editor: Mark Mazin