Maile Spencer Napoleon

Maile Spencer Napoleon discusses growing up in Kohala with her grandmother, Abigail Alapai, who told her stories about her ancestors and the end of the Hawaiian monarchy. She talks about her family history of practicing Hawaiian medicine and how it influences her career today. Maile tells the story of the stewardship of her family's land -- Lapakahi Park and Spencer Park -- and how they become state and local parks. She chronicles some of her ancestor’s journeys to arrive in Kohala and explains the origins and significance of her name.

History of the Lapakahi Village

Gives brief history of Lapakahi Village, a healing village where her family lived.
Photo credit: Hawaiian Mission Children's Society, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Learning Genealogy from Tutu

Describes learning about genealogy from her grandmother, Abigail Kaomea Alapai.
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How the Spencers Got Their Name

Discusses his kuleana in carrying forth the history and the legacy of his family and Kohala.
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We're Not British

Describes her family's origins and the travels of her great-grandparents Francis McFarland Spencer Jr and Sarah Spencer. 
Photo credit: Dirck Jansz van Santen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Kingdom is No More

Shares when she learned the meaning of ali’i and her conversation with her grandma about the "malarky" of monarchy. 
Photo credit: United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division, via Wikimedia Commons

History of Samuel M. Spencer

Shares history of her uncle, Samuel M. Spencer.
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Giving Spencer Park Back to the People

Talks about the history of Spencer Beach Park and how her grandmother convinced her uncle to give the park to the people.
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Spencer Park Becomes a County Park

Recounts a chance encounter with surveyors at Spencer Park and how it became a county park.
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Changing Diets

Describes the longevity of her ancestors and how the missionaries impacted the lives of the Hawaiians. 
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Named After a Potato Sack

Recounts the funny story of how her mom and dad came up with the name Maile.
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Learning Lomi

Shares story of where she learned the ancient art of lomi lomi massage.
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Lehuas in the Family

Describes how all the women in her family were named Lehua, and the love that she feels for Kohala.
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Credits and additional information 

Recording date: 7/2/22
Location: Kamahemeha Park, Kohala Reunion, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Editor: Bryan Campbell, Hawai'i Community College