Larry Kanda

Larry Kanda speaks of growing up in Kohala, the sports he played in school, and classes he took as a student. He recounts stories working as a grocery delivery boy. Larry talks about Kohala's history of military service, including his own service, and the memorials that have been erected in Kohala to honor those who served in the world's wars. He closes with sharing why it's important to record Kohala's history.

Introduction and Growing Up In Kohala

Photo courtesy of North Kohala Public Library

Plantation Life for the Kanda Family

Photo credit: Kohala Sugar Company Annual Report

The Ecosystem of the Plantation

Photo courtesy of North Kohala Public Library

Sports in Kohala

Photo credit: Kelley Thomas, via Kohala Kakou Facebook Page

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Credits and video information

Recording date: 7/3/22
Location: Kohala Reunion, Kamahemeha Park, Kapa'au, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Video editor: Mark Mazin