Joe Carvalho

Joe Carvalho grew up in Hawi Stable Camp. He talks about his involvement in sports and describes an idyllic life exploring the backroads, cooling off in the Hawi reservoirs, and swimming in the gulches as youth. Joe shares the fishing spots he and his family frequented. He recalls how difficult the plantation closure was on his family, and how Kohala's spirit of helping each other is what got everyone through the hardship.

Getting Into Trouble

Photo courtesy of Joe Carvalho

Recreation and Fun in Kohala

Photo courtesy of Joe Carvalho

Remembering "One Good Game"

Photo credit: Kohala Yearbook

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Recording date: 7/6/22
Location: Kohala Reunion, Kamahemeha Park, Kapa'au, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
Video editor: Mark Mazin


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