Elaine Hokama

Elaine Hokama (née Ishimine) tells stories about growing up on Ishimine Dairy, a farm started by her grandparents and continued by her father. She relates her memories working on the farm, collecting pig slop, and playing games with her many brothers and sisters. Elaine recollections take her back to her high school days, and the bonds between her and her classmates that she continues to cherish.

Introduction and History of Ishimine Dairy

Hokama remembers growing up on her family's dairy farm
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Family Service in the Vietnam War

Describes her family's service in the Vietnam War
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Remembering Kohala’s Old Businesses

Hokama remembers many of the old stores and businesses in Kohala
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Advice: Find Out Your History

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Recording date: 7/3/22
Location: Kamahemeha Park, Kohala Reunion, Kohala

Videographer: Lucas Manuel-Scheibe
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